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Alaska Rafting

Incredible Alaska Rafting in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

We think the perfect McCarthy experience is explore McCarthy and Kennecott for a few days, and then launch on an epic Alaska river rafting trip in the extraordinary wilderness of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Wow! The #1 adventure company in McCarthy Alaska is McCarthy River Tours. They offer wilderness rafting trips on the Kennecott, Nizina, Chitina, Copper, and Tana Rivers – Alaska’s uncrowded, eastern rivers.

What is Alaska Rafting Like?

Joining a multi-day river rafting and camping trip in Alaska is to experience Alaska deeply, up close and personal. You are immersed IN the wilderness, not just viewing it from afar. It’s incredible! These rafting adventures vary in length (3 up to 8 days), rivers, and white water difficulty level, and there is something for every adventure enthusiast. No previous experience is required. Float down our beautiful, glacial-fed Alaskan rivers by day and lose yourself in the sheer beauty of the stars at your campsite by night. Rafting Expeditions are one of the best ways to truly experience the remarkable, rugged Alaskan wilderness.

See the various Alaska Rafting Expeditions that McCarthy River Tours offers below.  Ready to dive deep into a rafting adventure? Check out McCarthy River Tours.

The Rivers To Riches Raft Tour with McCarthy River Tours - Explore McCarthy

The Rivers To Riches - 3 & 4 Day Expeditions

The perfect introduction to the amazing world of Alaska wilderness! Our raft trip begins in the small town of McCarthy, just downstream from the Kennecott Glacier. As the Kennecott River leaves the lake at the toe of the glacier it picks up speed as it moves along its unstoppable course towards the ocean. The fast current of the Kennecott River flowing over the shallow gravel shoals of glacier remnants is fun and splashy, providing some high excitement as we negotiate its six-mile course towards the Nizina River. After we merge with the Nizina, the river becomes broader with large rolling waves for the next few miles.
3 & 4 Days
Explore McCarthy - Whitewater rafters on the Chitina River

Chitina River – 6 & 8 Day Expeditions

A Chitina River trip is your chance to follow one of the great waterways of Alaska in its entirety. Starting with an unbelievably scenic bush plane flight from the airstrip in McCarthy, our journey begins just downstream from the terminus of the Chitina Glacier. With massive Mount Logan framing the backdrop just across the Canadian border, we will be ready to launch onto one of the greatest wild Alaska river adventures that Wrangell St. Elias National Park has to offer. A remote, wild, and untamed stretch of river, we often do not see another soul for the entirety of our journey. A Chitina River Expedition is an adventure seeker's dream!
6 & 8 Days
Rafters overlooking the Tana River in Alaska - Explore McCarthy

Tana River Rafting – 4 & 6 Day Expeditions

The Tana features some of Alaska’s finest remote, class 4-5, big volume whitewater. This is the ultimate bucket list Alaska river trip for the intrepid adventurer! Starting with a bush plane drop-off downstream of the Tana Glacier, the Tana River rumbles its way down towards the ocean. We’ll begin our trip by exploring the surroundings of this beautiful and unique area. The first day on the river is fairly mellow with some smaller rapids getting us ready for the power ahead. On day two the sheer power of the river meets us, enjoy the ride as your guide expertly rows you thru the big waves or if you like, we’ll bring a paddle boat along and you can enjoy the ride while digging your paddle into some of Alaska’s premier whitewater.
4 & 6 days
Copper River - Explore McCarthy

Copper River Rafting - 7 Day Expedition

As far as scenic Alaska river trips, Copper River Rafting is truly second to none! As we float, mountains rise around us and the river tumbles toward the ocean. Glaciers began to make their way closer to the river. The glacial scenery culminates with the Childs and Miles Glaciers which simultaneously meet us at river level towards the end of our trip. The most reliable wildlife views of eagles, bears, salmon, and seals. Two glaciers come directly to the water level. As far as scenic Alaska river trips, Copper River Rafting is truly second to none!
6 & 7 days
Explore McCarthy - Whitewater rafters on the Nizina River with large glaciers

The Nizina River Rafting - 4 & 6 Day Expeditions

Fly out to a classic Alaska river! The trip begins with a bush plane flight from McCarthy & drop-off at Nizina & the terminus of the mighty Nizina Glacier. Spending the first day of the trip at Nizina lake allows for exploration of this recently glaciating area. Miles of the wide-open country make this the ideal trip for hiking exploration of the river. Our river journey begins by negotiating icebergs in the lake, winding our way to the mouth of the Nizina River. Unrivaled beauty surrounds us as the river tumbles downstream. Class II and III whitewater make this a ‘must do’ Alaska river adventure.
4 & 6 Day


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